Building capacity and collaboration for cancer prevention


Cancer pharmacoepidemiology aims to reduce cancer incidence and mortality by identifying new drugs with potential to influence cancer outcomes, in particular, drugs less frequently prescribed or cancers with lower incidence.

We have established a European Cancer Pharmacoepidemiology network (E-CaPe) with access to national population based cancer registry datasets linked to prescribing data.  The group unites and co-ordinates research activities across Europe, building capacity and expertise to undertake studies, and facilitates competitive collaborative applications for future research funding.

Network Aims:

  • develop a strong network of European researchers with expertise in the area
  • agree protocols for data harmonization
  • develop methodologies for pooling data for collaborative research
  • identify important and novel research questions that are of high relevance
  • facilitate training and mobility of junior researchers


Primary membership is open to people working in this field within Europe.  For more information see our membership page.